Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we get! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!

Help! How do I get ahold of you?

Call us at 602-309-2009 or email sales@korfab.us and support@korfab.us

Are you All Things Metal?

No. KorFab started as the Components division of All Things Metal (ATM). In January of 2022, we officially branched out. While still a part of the ATM family, and bearing similar values that helped make ATM successful, we are our own company, specializing in different areas.

What do you do?

In short: Quick-turn custom and miscellaneous fabrication.

But that’s not all, and it’s far from our only capability.
We partner with our clients to provide custom and miscellaneous fabrication, designed to their specifications, provided within their schedule. We source our items and perform all our work LOCALLY.
By focusing on our clients and quality, we have become the consistently reliable providers of subcontractors, general contractors, designers, home builders, retail and commercial building suppliers, and standard consumers across Arizona.

Can you erect the components?

No. However, we can refer you to a few industry partners that can handle your project. And can arrange delivery of the components to the job site.

Do you deliver?

Of course – All items are quoted as a will call basis unless otherwise requested. If requested, we can provide local deliveries for an additional cost.  Third party transport can be coordinated as well.

How long will a $20,000 order take?

The cost of the order and the duration of the production aren’t directly related – It may take 48 hours, it could take months. We pride ourselves on building a partnership with our clients through clear communication. We specialize in quick, quality work – If you’re curious about how we can help with a specific project, we’ll follow up within 24 hours. Contact us here.

What are you unable to do?

We are unable to do any installation.  And unfortunately, we’re currently unable to work with stainless or aluminum. However, things change more than the website updates, so if you have a need, let us know. If it turns out we can’t help with your project, we can refer you to a trusted partner who can.

Do you do Will-Call?

Yes, on-site. Contact us for will-call hours

What is your delivery fee?

It’s going to depend on different factors including location of delivery and size of the order. Quotes are often received within in 24 hours – Request a quote here or call us for immediate assistance

Where are you located?

23724 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85024.

Do you offer design services?

We do not design, but we can partner with you on what you need and build to your vision.

What kind of drawing files can you work off?

DXF, PDF, DWG, and the tried-and-true method of scratch paper. Send it over and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours

Are your products engineered?

No.  We build to your specifications.

What certifications do you have?

Our production team is current on their certifications, and we are an AZCentral’s “Top Places to Work”

How accurate are your pattern cuts?

While cutting with plasma is awesome, it does have unique traits. Check out our samples and see for yourself.

What equipment capacities do you have?

These are endless.  Tell us what you want, and we will find a way to get it done.  If we cannot do it, chances are we can direct you to a specialist that can.