Capabilities & Automation

At KorFab, we understand the unique challenges faced by metal manufacturers and steel fabricators, and we have developed a comprehensive range of automation solutions tailored to address their specific needs. Whether you’re seeking to streamline your operations, enhance product quality, or increase output, our state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated team are here to provide you with the ultimate competitive advantage. Discover the limitless possibilities with KorFab and embark on a journey of innovation and success.

Voortman V807 Beamline

Copes, bolt holes, slots, notches, bevels, weld preparation & layout marking – The Voortman v807 robotic thermal profile cutting system can process it all in one pass with the ability to reach all four sides of the material with exceptional speed and accuracy.

Bodor C Series Laser

The Bodor C series is a high-powered, efficient, and versatile line of industrial laser cutting machines designed for precision cutting of various materials in manufacturing and other industries.

Vectis Cobot Welding Tool

Adding a welding tool such as Cobot to do the repetitive, heavy-lifting welds enables you to do more and produce more parts.
With a robotic welding tool, you can achieve greater precision, speed, and consistency in every weld. Cobots can handle MIG, TIG, cutting (both plasma and oxy-fuel) as well as laser, spot, and orbital welding

Dragon A400

The Dragon A400 CNC plasma tube and pipe cutter easily marks and engraves on tube and pipe to make CAD/CAM designs a reality. Any design with holes and end cuts can be done on the Dragon A400. The Dragon A400 marks all bending locations, rotation, and degrees on the tube. For shops that use tubes and pipes in their process, the Dragon A400 is an essential time-saving tool.