Data Center & Sub Station Components

At KorFab, we are proud to offer our expertise and high-quality metal components to the data center and substation industry. With our extensive experience in metal fabrication, we understand the unique needs and demands of these critical infrastructure sectors.

We provide a comprehensive range of metal components specifically designed for data centers and substations. From custom racks and enclosures to cable trays and busbars, our products are engineered to meet the rigorous requirements of these industries. We prioritize durability, precision, and reliability to ensure that our components perform flawlessly in demanding environments.

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  • Pocket Doors
  • Fence Frames
  • Fire Equipment Brackets
  • Enclosures
  • Electric Boxes

Our team of skilled professionals works closely with clients in the data center and substation industry to provide tailored solutions that align with their project specifications. We have the capabilities to design, fabricate, and deliver high-quality metal components efficiently and on schedule.

At KorFab, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, from using advanced technology and machinery to adhering to strict quality control measures. Our focus on quality and reliability means that our components can withstand the demanding conditions of data centers and substations, ensuring long-lasting performance and operational efficiency.

Choose KorFab as your trusted partner for metal components in the data center and substation industry. With our quick turnaround times and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are here to support your projects and help you achieve success. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to request a quote.