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KorFab’s 48-Hour or It’s Free Guarantee

It’s simple:

We set ourselves apart from other suppliers by providing quick-turn, local, customized fabrication.

All from a local team, with an industry-leading turnaround time

“48 hours or Free” lets us hold ourselves accountable and exceed expectations, maintaining a high level of client satisfaction. And it allows our clients to avoid the long lead times by ordering online or with another supplier. They’re finally able to meet their deadlines or finish ahead of schedule.

Bottom line:

If your order is eligible for the 48-hour guarantee and it is not completed in time:

You will not pay for the item.

What is eligible and ineligible (AKA – What’s the catch?)

Check us out – Send a request for a quote and see how we compare. Quotes are free and back usually within one business day.  

Best case: You have a dedicated team who can get you what you need within 2 business days of approving your quote.

Worst case: You’ve compared lead times and pricing and are even more confident about your current process.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Email the team at or call or text Jason Weeks, Account Executive: (602) 309-2009

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